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Boxhead 2play is an all around addicting game and the most fun of the Boxhead series. The goal is simple: kill zombies! And, whatever else happens to be intermingling with them, such as the very resilient devils. Initially you’re armed with only a pistol and endless ammo but as you kill zombies you’ll unlock additional weapons and upgrades. There are 10 different weapons altogether and over 90 upgrades. The faster you kill the zombies, the faster you get guns and upgrades which only further helps you to kill more zombies. You can play with a friend for double firepower or against a friend in a death match. The simple graphics make for a quick, easy load of the game because it’s lightweight. But the simplicity doesn’t detract from the the game at all, quite the opposite in fact. More rooms hav been added to bring the total up to 18 now, ensuring longer game play options.

Difficulty Levels:
There are four difficulty levels in Boxhead 2play, so there’s definitely one right for you. Work your way up from beginner to intermediate, then expert and finally nightmare.

Game Speeds:
Three game speeds: slow, normal, and fast. Slow is 1/2 the speed of normal and fast is twice the speed. If you think the game is too easy, then set it on nightmare at fast speed and give it a try! It’s guaranteed you won’t be bored.

Movement Controls:
The controls are customizable. You can change movement, weapon change, and weapon use keys in a breeze. And reset or change them again any time you want.

There are three modes of play in Boxhead 2play. Single play is just like it sounds, a single player experience where you take on the zombie horde all on your own. Cooperative lets another join your cause and you instantly double your firepower. In the Death Match mode, you can fight against another player to the death and see who is really the best zombie killer.

There are four characters you can choose from. An ex-army soldier specializing in jungle warfare, a US SWAT member with hostage rescue experience, a secret agent from Great Britain, and an ex-Marine gun for hire.

Earning Weapons and Powerups:
Every kill you make increases your multiplier by one and the more you increase it, the more weapons and upgrades you will earn. Eventually the multiplier goes back down and starts over again, and this happens quicker and quicker depending on how high your multiplier is at any given moment.

Some Tips for Boxhead 2play:
Get those upgrades, you’re going to need them so keep the multiplier up. The devils shoot back at you, so when they appear kill them first and kill them quickly. They only shoot at you when you’re not shooting at them but they’re very tough. The Uzi is your best option. Those barrels are explosives, use them to your advantage. Just make sure you’re out of range of the blast. Splash damage from the rocket launcher is also a concern, so don’t go crazy with it. The zombies are slow and only melee, so stay out of range and don’t get surrounded.

Have fun and kill those zombies!

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